Setting up Face Recognition App

WorkDigital - Time Clock app allows you to capture employee attendance in a timely and accurate way.

To use the WorkDigital - Time Clock app, you will need a 7 inch Android or iOS tablet which has to be fixed onto a wall where your employees can log their attendances from.

Please follow the below instructions to install and setup the WorkDigital - Time Clock app on your tablet :

1. Download the WorkDigital - Time Clock app

Google PlayStore : Click here to download

Apple App Store : Click here to download

2. After installing the app, it will ask you to enter "Client ID” and “Client Secret”. Please refer the Creating Credentials for App page for creating your app's unique "Client ID” and “Client Secret”. 3. Upload profile image of your employees.

4. Your WorkDigital - Time Clock app is now ready to use.

You can now ask your employees to log their clock-in, clock out and break times on the app.

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