National Minimum Wage

Contents of this page are only applicable if your company uses Easy Payroll (a fully-integrated payroll solution offered by WorkDigital).
If your employees are employed an hourly rate equivalent to the UK National Minimum Wage, then it is very important that you pay the employee their correct wages when the following things change:
  1. 1.
    Financial Year
  2. 2.
    Employee's age
WorkDigital can automatically track the above changes for you to ensure that the pay rates are always up-to-date as per each employee's National Minimum Wage.
You must flag the employee as being paid National Minimum Wage in WorkDigital for automatically performing these pay increments.
Go the "Payroll Details" view and then under the column "National Minimum Wage?", select Yes
Keep in mind that if the National Minimum Wage flag is set to "Yes", then you cannot make any manual change to the Pay Rate of the employee. Changing the Pay Rate will always be ignored for the employee.