Operational Hours

Operational Hours, also called Working Patterns, are used to indicate the normal working days and time of each employee. You can setup Operational Hours following below steps :

Step 1 : Create Operational Hours record

You can create Operational Hours in 2 ways:

  1. Generic Operational Hours - applicable for staff that works on same working pattern.

  2. Indiviual/Specific Employee Operational Hours

Go to "Operational Hours" app and click "Add New Record".

Provide a name for the operational hour (use emmployee's name if creating for specific employee) and select the working day, start time and end time using the "Add Row" button

Step 2 : Assign Operational Hours to the Employee

Once you have added the Operational Hours, navigate to the Employee's profile record and click on "Edit" and then in the "Work" tab, select the newly the create "Operational Hours" record.

Importance of setting up Operational Hours

You must setup Operational Hours for each of your employee as these are used in following apps for important automations :


Operational hours are used to flag abnormal rota/shift allocations to an employee. If, as per their Operational Hours, the employee does not work on Wednesday, and you create/assign a Wednesday shift to them, then the system will flag it as "Unavailable" in the Rota app. If the timing on a shift is outside the times setup for the employee on a specific day, then the system will flag that as well.

Time Off/Holidays Duration Calculation (Only applicable when holidays are calculated in "Days")

When an employee creates a time-off/holiday request, the system will determine the number of holiday days required based on the start date and end date using the Operational Hours of that employee.

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